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Hannah Judson | MC & Live Performance


LAFF Music Director

Hannah Judson is an internationally touring American/French singer-songwriter based between Paris France and the San Francisco Bay Area. She performs original indie folk rock songs that draw her audience into lyrically potent narratives constructed with electric guitar and percussive vocals, live looping harmonies and rhythmic layers. Hannah’s vocals are intimate, with a modern folk sound reminiscent of Cat Power, Lucinda Williams, Alanis Morissette and Elliott Smith. Noted as “the real deal” by UK’s country music Maverick Magazine, and “with a style that channels Elliott Smith” by Indie Country fm radio, Hannah has appeared regularly in Paris, throughout Europe and the US west coast.

Hannah Judson’s most recent release of new work reflects a career that spans grunge-era Chicago and post-rock bohemian Paris, France. Her recent EP “Becoming” reflects a shedding of past styles, and creative restraints, that cleared room where both tendencies toward spacious lyrical environments, and straight on rock co-exist in a unified collection. She will be on tour in 2019 to support this record, in Europe in the spring, and on the west coast (USA) in the summer, with a final touch base on the east coast (USA) in the fall.

Influences from both Chicago and Paris geographies are evident in this collection of original songs. Judson’s lyrically motivated songs are couched in confident electric guitar offered by Banjo Bones and soaring leads by Charlie Galunic. Brian Clevinger’s basslines support and counter the melody and Giorgi Khokhobashvili’s blistering jazz violin shows up on several tracks.

Hannah Judson named the EP before Michelle Obama’s book came out. She says, “Becoming is such a great word, straddled with meaning, both verb and adjective, beautiful and in transformation.” Becoming was produced by JL Espada in Sacramento, CA and Fontainebleau, France, and is released on Boneyard Records. She is continuing to work with Espada on her next album (working title “Stingray”) for a late 2019 release.

Hannah Judson is a risky, engaging songwriter, constructing ethereal environments where danger and love combat in free fall. These songs lull the listener comfortably out on a ledge to show the view from there, then offer a little tug when it’s time to come back inside. Judson’s songwriting is rooted by the narrative tradition of Leonard Cohen and Joan Baez and is seamed with references to seminal artists like Liz Phair, Jill Sobule and Neutral Milk Hotel. Using delicate breathy clicks and pops to create percussive tracks, Hannah Judson’s performance is warm, funny, quirky and welcoming. SK Shlomo said “Love this! Dylan meets Martha Wainwright."

Hannah was active on the alternative music scene in Chicago that circled around the School of the Art Institute (where she studied painting and sound) and Wicker Park. In Chicago she was a continuous member of folk, grunge and alt/rock bands, as the songwriter and lead vocalist. She produced and hosted GrrrlsRock events at Beat Kitchen. In 2014 she founded MUSEfest, an international event to support inspirational women in music, film and art. In 2018 she starting working with Boneyard Records in Sacramento, CA. She is currently Director of Music for the LA Fashion Festival (LAFF). She has an MBA in music business from Berklee College of Music/SNHU. She currently performs with Charlie Galunic (Professor at INSEAD) on lead guitar, and Brian Clevinger (Absynth Creator) on bass.

Hannah Judson is originally from Maine, and lives in the Paris Region, France.