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VERO Award

Vero will provide the 2018 LAFFF "Best of” with an editorial curated feature in-app, profile verification and introduction to Vero’s global network of artists, creators, film talent and film fans, giving each winner’s film exposure to an international audience.


Vero – the advertising and algorithm-free social network that has been described as the antidote to the ad-driven platforms - has been designed specifically with artists and creators in mind.


Vero enables creatives to not only share work without quality or size restraints (so fans are able to view videos and photos as the artist intended) but also helps them make new work by supporting the work of established and emerging talent. Unlike on other social media platforms, Vero users retain ownership of the content they post.

Showcasing the work of new, emerging talent is a big part of what Vero is about and the Editorial Team is actively looking for talent to feature in-app in their curated featured user area. By signing up for Vero, you will become part of a growing community of filmmakers from around the globe (which spans narrative filmmakers, documentary makers, short filmmakers, fashion filmmakers and more) including Zack Snyder, Bernard Rose, Charlotte Regan, Max Joseph, Michael Fassbender’s company DMC Film, Helena Coan, Uzo Oleh, Peter King and many more. You will have access to an international audience with a global platform built to encourage collaboration and deeper connection with fans in a friendly, supportive environment.