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LAFF2019 Program

The festival incites meaningful exchanges via an immersive program of cutting-edge brand experiences, hands-on masterclasses, and thought-provoking panel discussions.


September 20 & 21 | 2019


A multilayered cultural initiative, LAFF’s primary aim is to showcase progressive ideas in a cultural experience of film, retail, innovation, and beauty influences, but it takes the conversation further.

A 2-day festival taking place on September 20, & 21, the LAFF 2019 program will include daily screenings of fashion films, workshops, masterclasses, pop-ups, lectures, and stimulating experiences, with the awards show taking place on the final evening. LAFF is open to the public, however certain events will require registration.

The fashion industry plays an instrumental role in shaping consumer values and lifestyle choices, especially in Los Angeles, which is also a haven for sustainable living where green is the new black. While the conversation on sustainable fashion continues to gather momentum, LAFF 2019 would like to take it further by asking: how can we make sustainable fashion more accessible and inclusive? Sustainability shouldn’t be a luxury; it should be a way of life.